Again, we started our day quite early and tried another Tofu porridge for breakfast. I could see that this meal was quite popular among local residents from observing a very long queue of guests waiting for the same breakfast. Besides the porridge, we also tried another small dish which tasted […]

Visit to Taipei / 台北旅行記 3/4

On the following day, we started our day with breakfast at a small market, not far from the Taipei main station. My friend bought her a travel guidebook for this trip and in the book a porridge (not really a risotto) made from „Tofu“ was recommended for breakfast in Taipei. When we […]

Visit to Taipei / 台北旅行記 2/4

It was spontaneous, immediate decision that I was determined to go to Taipei this summer. First I had been thinking to visit Hawaii or Germany, where I can handle communication with people at ease. Then I thought, I’d rather feel like trying something (but not too ?) different this time, […]

Visit to Taipei / 台北旅行記 1/4