MCAS Iwakuni’s Friendship Day 2014 / MCAS岩国フレンドシップデー

On May 5th, I went to Iwakuni with friends and made a visit to the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s Friendship Day. MCAS Iwakuni’s Friendship Day is an annual event that takes place at the military base in Iwakuni every May 5th, and where visitors are able to enjoy a wide variety of American culture and American cuisine. Although we didn’t have it due to the budget cut last year unfortunately, it was held this year. Looking back on my childhood, the first visit to MCAS and some sort of interaction with amiable personnel there could be the reason why I got interested in English and then languages.


I remembered they had had an enormous number of visitors in 2012, but it looked kinda less from a lot of factors this year, well but for us it was very easy and cozy having been able to smoothly access every stall and exhibition; and take photos together with the U.S. personnel. This time I only tried „Currywurst“ to compare with a German one for fun and actually didn’t try any American cuisine so I must come and eat their pizza and burgers next time… Nevertheless the event was very enjoyable.





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