Hannover Tag 2014 / 平成26年度 ハノーバーの日

On May 27th 1983, Hiroshima city entered into a partnership agreement with Hannover city, Germany. This was achieved by the cooperation of an association called International Youth Association Hiroshima that had had exchanges with youths of Hannover city for about 10 years before the agreement. It was just last year that they commemorated the 30th anniversary of their long and friendly partnership.

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Hiroshima city started an annual festivity – Hannover Tag in 2001 and had kept giving residents of Hiroshima an opportunity to know about the exchange activities between the Hiroshima city and Hannover city; a better understanding toward the international relations of the Hiroshima city as well as the perspective and every latest news of the Hannover city for 14 years.

This year, we had the Hannover Tag 2014 on May 25th, 2014 – 2 days earlier than the eventual anniversary day due a matter of calendar. As a Hiroshima Messenger 2014 in charge of Hannover/Germany, I took part in the event and volunteered a master of ceremony there. Compared to the venue for the 30th anniversary last year, the hall we arranged this time was kinda small but we received many visitors, full to capacity – even more than the available number of seats we laid.

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The Hannover Tag 2014 began with offering of German dishes – a piece of bread and sausage plus „Baumkuchen,“ and led the visitors to a try of traditional Japanese tea ceremony in the Ueda-Soko style. There were also some exhibition of moments of exchanges between Hiroshima and Hannover for the last 40 years (very long!). We ushered the visitors to the hall lastly and had a two-parts-devided concert by Japanese musicians of German classics. Meanwhile the concert, we also had two presentations: one was the introduction of the Hannover city and the other was the report for the recent activities done by the International Youth Association Hiroshima. As one of Japanese fans of German/-y and their cultures and traditions, it was extremely awesome to witness that the visitors were enjoying every moment of the festivity; and to know that there were many people who love the country for various reasons.

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The biggest part of my role as a Hiroshima Messenger 2014 was just accomplished upon the completion of this event, but I do hope to have next opportunities to contribute to Hiroshima city as well as Germany someway.

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