Visit to Taipei / 台北旅行記 3/4

Again, we started our day quite early and tried another Tofu porridge for breakfast. I could see that this meal was quite popular among local residents from observing a very long queue of guests waiting for the same breakfast. Besides the porridge, we also tried another small dish which tasted potatoes and something familiar (but I wasn’t really sure what it was).
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breakfast, and the shop. Staff were friendly.


On the third day, we explored around the northern part of the city center.


First, we visited Xingtian Temple (or 行天宮) famous as a „power spot.“ Those who liked the Records of the Three Kingdoms (or 三国志) cannot miss this spot when visiting Taipei, because Guanyu (or 関羽), one of the major characters in the story, is enshrined. As he is also known as the patron god of businessmen now, the temple is sometimes crowded with Taipei office workers who come to bai bai (拝拝; or worship) after work, according to the guide.
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passing through a local shopping street, in front of the Xingtian Temple.


Then, we visited the Confucius Temple (or 孔子廟). The Confucius Temple is the place where Kongzi (孔子) is enshrined and actually exists in many places over Asian countries.
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In the temple, there were several blocks where visitors could learn his and his successors‘ major histories. As I read them through, I liked one of his episodes about practicing a musical instrument.14044984_10154387842288688_1686592917_o

—— It was an episode of communication between him and Wei Xiangzi who taught him how to play a Chinese harp ——–

In 10 days after he started practicing a musical instrument, Xiangzi said, „Mr. Kongzi, you have already practiced playing this music piece enough, and can play it well. Why don’t we start practicing another piece now?“
„Thank you very much, but I still do not understand its rhythms well even though I learned and certainly memorized the piece. I have therefore not yet convinced to go on to a next piece,“ Kongzi (孔子) replied.
In another 10 days, Xiangzi told him, „Mr. Kongzi, I guess you have understood the rhythms of this music piece. Shall we go on to a next piece?“
„Thank you, but I still do not understand the sense of this music piece nor the feeling of the composer.“ he replied.
No matter how many times Xiangzi suggested another music piece to practice, Kongzi answered that he wasn’t ready for it, so Xiangzi decided to wait for him.
After a while, Kongzi finally said, „Oh, I’ve just apprehended the character of the person who composed this music. I can see him tanned, noble, far-sighted… he must be the King Wen of Zhou. Who else could have made such a great music piece!?“
Xiangzi was astonished by his insight and said, „yes, this piece was named ‚Chant of the King Wen (文王操),‘ certainly composed by the King Wen of Zhou. Mr. Kongzi, you are really amazing.“
Kongzi didn’t really know the King Wen, but exactly guessed the appearance and character of the King Wen.
This well described how he had enriched his detailed knowledge and what was understanding/studying in depth, and told the crown/state which the litterateur had reached for.

The temple which we visited in Taipei is popular among local students, and would be very crowded in the season before university entrance examinations, since he is known as the god of learning. Having planned to take some exams soon, I prayed and wished for my success in the examinations before going to a next place.


There was Baoan Temple (or 保安宮) just next to the Confucius Temple. Baoan Temple is a place where gods for health and longevity are enshrined. We also made a visit there and I wished for health (and longevity) of myself, my family and friends.
14012844_10154387842223688_1567371816_o 14002378_10154387842153688_997309182_o 13932150_10154387842148688_1680901117_o
I saw girls wishing for something, maybe for someone’s health?


The last sightseeing spots of the day was National Revolutionary Martyrs‘ Shrine (or 忠烈祠). This is the place where martyrs from the wars such as the Chinese Revolution, the Sino-Japanese war are enshrined.

14037877_10154387842133688_582710609_o 14037568_10154387841993688_794460809_o 13978315_10154387841998688_394225254_o
arrived at a time when the guards were shifting to the others.


In closing our long, long day from walking around, we went to another night market for some dumpling dinner at a restaurant. They costed a lot unlike dishes served at small stalls along narrow streets, but were exquisite beyond all doubt.
14012658_10154387833808688_1493838956_o 14012913_10154387833798688_1156191836_o 14037603_10154387833803688_899265981_o
damplings, fried rice, and beef cooked with some vegetables.

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