Visit to Taipei / 台北旅行記 4/4

On the last day of our stay in Taipei, we explored around the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (or 中正紀念堂) little downward from the Taipei Main Station.


the Office of the President, nice view without people nor cars in the early morning.

(Although I overslept a bit,) around 6:00 we went to the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall first, and joined a group doing Tai Chi (or 太極拳). After my friend tried it for a while, I also followed the practice the group was doing. When I was observing, it looked pretty easy but it was actually very hard to follow….
It was rather hard to follow their practice…

14012865_10154387833708688_156245992_o 13987277_10154387833558688_1451450380_o 14012849_10154387833553688_961645194_o
Large memorial hall, where Chiang Kai-shek is enshrined. This is really magnificent.


Following the morning exercise, we had a popular Taiwanese breakfast, yes Tofu porridge but at another shop recommended in the guidebook.
14037569_10154387833538688_43515870_o 13987328_10154387833508688_1657748378_o
Compared to the Tofu porridges we tried on the last two days, this looked pretty milky, also tasted great 🙂


Lastly, we looked around Shida market (or 師大市場). Although we went there quite early, there were already many local residents shopping in the market.
14037400_10154387833518688_946264484_o 14001721_10154387833498688_925086977_o 14037462_10154387833478688_38926208_o
shopping street, well crowded; lunch (only 50NT$!) nearby the hotel.


In closing, we had soup dumpling at the airport, and came back to Hiroshima.
13978114_10154387833433688_1573890575_o 14002319_10154387833438688_438909224_o 13987339_10154387833413688_1655534555_o
soup dumpling (Xiaolongbao; or 小籠包)


I stayed in Taipei for four days only but I was really touched by friendliness and kindness of local Taiwanese people. Wherever we went, there was someone stopping to speak and even kindly guide us in and around the city regardless of the language barrier. I found so many things which Japanese people should learn and possibly orient ourselves to, especially friendliness and behaviors in public transportation. As I really liked Taipei, I’m thinking to bring my mother for a trip together and show her around there this year-end.

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